Woman with a Parasol

And I want to be severed in half

Across the stomach

Have each piece fall out

Cut into infinity

Into a new frame

Turned over


On the ground, the ground

It sits

I want Satan to crawl up from below

I want him to slither his way beneath me

I want him to rise to the spot just below me

And stay

As a reminder that evil is in me

As a reminder that good is above me

I strive

When I was a child I gazed to the skies to find distance

A still frame projecting

I’ve dreamed of a woman like a picture

With wide brown eyes, curving up towards the ends

I’ve  witnessed whispering winds of Julia’s sweeping brown hair

Woman, you’ve set me on fire and the Holy Spirit has unlocked the door

Breathing into me an explosion never known

Tails flailing with licks of sunset

The dust settles in patterned whirls

Highlighted by the sun glistening

Putrid fumes of death escaped her fiery body

Movement has ceased

Yet her aura persists

Until finally dissipated

I’ve dreamed of a woman with brown eyes in despair

I’ve felt warm whirling winds of Julia’s sanity pass

And who has witnessed the sacred science but me?

Who else has gazed at painted love?

I see her twirl as a misleading vortex surrounds her

I see her leap as if the earth had departed her

And heaven had pulled her in

When she rotates, I only see the world spinning with her

And when she stops, the world continues on

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