Will Tesla Batteries Power Mars?

Tesla has had success selling their Lithium-Ion batteries. One must question though: why even take such an unusual path? A while ago, I wrote about this topic in my little post about The Future Of Tesla. I’d like a chance to make another prediction about Tesla and specifically their batteries.

Elon Musk will power Mars with them. Rocket-man will plop them on board a spaceship and send them straight off to the martians.

When? I’m not sure. Why? Because it’s Musk’s M.O. to be resourceful with his technologies. From reusable rockets to sustainable cars, the man is drenched in predictability…

Or is he? Maybe he knows that some of his expenditures are a bit predictable, so in defense he does the unpredictable, such as the Boring Company (okay are those flame throwers for real?), or Tesla Tequila (a car company promoting drinking?!). Okay, maybe those are weird examples, but one must be a bit nutty themselves to attempt to understand an eccentric.

I might not be right about everything aforementioned, but I’m willing to bet good money (whatever I have left after betting on GM – where is my FCEV?!) on the Tesla Battery-Mars-thing. Why not? If you have the technology, go for it. It’s cheap, achievable, and practical.

The only issue standing in the way is the lifetime of the battery. For instance, the PowerWall, a lithium ion power bank, can only power a house for a number of days. Environmental conditions on Mars could effect the life of it as well. Also, batteries age. How long could they be good for? How about the solar panels needed to feed the battery? How will they be assembled?

There are many questions as to the feasibility of this endeavor, but where there’s a will, there’s a way (will to power, anyone? 😂)

Hopefully by combining the resources and technologies of SpaceX and Tesla, Musk will be able to deliver something amazing in the forefront to populate other planets.

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