Barnes & Nobel: Culture and The Retail Library

Barnes & Nobel has recently announced that it will be dividing it’s company to focus on it’s educational branch and main branch separately in order to move the company in a startling new direction to appeal to Millennials: The Luxury Library.

Barnes & Nobel’s recent strategy is good evidence for my hypothesis that many companies that are failing will rebrand to fit millennial interests. We are politically and socially facing identity threats: there is uncertainty in the global shift of power and the uncertainty of how we will survive as a species with resistance to knowledge due to anti-intellectualism. The void left assimilates sources around a person, sources forming identity. To be a strong brand is to have a strong identity. Culture is the mass of identity. Barnes & Nobel recognizes this and follows this trend. They are following what is in demand: a culture hub, a luxury library, a good place to get work done, rent a NOOK, use a 3D printer, or stop in for a drink and read a classic book. Also, their kid’s section will most certainly remain. B&N will  be great for tying community events and hosting them as well. Being a part of the community is important for B&N, which is why they choose to sponsor civic and educational events. This commitment is good for the American consumer. Having a strong brand like B&N bring light to the joy of education will lead millennials to appreciate knowledge more; a theme which they play their march to.

Just like Google they will rely on it’s culture to morph itself into a place where the common person can utilize tools that they might not have access to. B&N can help the common consumer.

Not too long ago their stock was at a low point, but ever since these promising announcements have been made there has been an increase in confidence that this is the right direction.


Barnes & Nobel to Split off Educational Division

There is recent news as of 10/16 that XYZprinting And Barnes & Noble Partner For Educator Week To Bring 3D Printers To Stores Nationwide.

They also aim to become a civic hub through hosting events such as: Barnes & Noble Aims to Unite Educators to Make the World a Better Place During One-of-a-Kind Educator Appreciation DaysBarnes & Noble Announces a Month-Long Celebration of Pop Culture at Stores Nationwide in July

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